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PCBA Testing Service

Unixplore is in a good position to provide comprehensive PCBA testing service including function test, aging test, temperature and humidity test with the purpose of guaranteeing the reliability and stability of the PCB assembly we build before order dispatch.

Function Test

We will make a test fixture to do the function test according to the function test instruction provided by customer in order to guarantee there is no possible component or soldering error. All PCBAs will be programmed and pass the function test before shipping.

Aging Test

The main purpose of PCBA board aging test is to simulate the daily usage environment of the product through the comprehensive effects of high temperature, low temperature, high and low temperature changes, and electrical power which is intended to expose the defects of PCBA, such as poor soldering, mismatched component parameters, and faults caused during debugging, in order to eliminate and improve them. Zero defect PCBA board will help stabilize the parameters to eventually enhance the stability and reliability as well as durability.

Humidity and Temperature Test

Temperature cycling test: Simulate the working conditions of a PCBA in high and low temperature environments to test its ability to withstand temperature changes. In this test, the PCBA needs to be cycled at high and low temperatures to check if its function and performance are affected.
Humidity test: Simulate the working condition of the PCBA in a humid environment to test its moisture resistance performance. In this test, the circuit board needs to be exposed to specified humidity conditions to check its electrical performance and the effectiveness of protective coatings

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Unixplore Electronics has been providing PCBA Testing Service since 2011 and is one of the professional PCBA Testing Service suppliers and manufacturers in China. Our factory are ISO9001:2015,CE and UL certified and our products have 1 year warranty. We offer a transparent factory price and a quotation service to fit your budget without compromising on quality. All our customized products are made in China to meet customer specifications and are designed with advanced product safety and environmental protection in mind. Contact us today to learn more about our exceptional and cheap products.
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